From: “Richard Blumenthal”
Date: Apr 26, 2018 3:40 AM
Subject: Did you see my email?

Yogesh – did you get my message last week about President Trump’s extreme judicial nominee, Wendy Vitter? We can’t let her – or any of President Trump’s radical nominees – make decisions about our rights for decades to come.

Already, 10,023 people have spoken out, but I wanted to make sure you had a chance to add your voice. Sign the petition to tell the Senate: Don’t confirm Wendy Vitter!

Here’s the best link:

Thanks for speaking up in defense of our rights.


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From: Richard Blumenthal
Date: Wed, April 18, 2018
Subject: Another radical judicial nominee

Yogesh –

I was appalled when judicial nominee Wendy Vitter refused to say whether the Supreme Court was right to desegregate schools during her confirmation hearing last week.

Judges face many hard questions, but this was not one of them. If you can’t declare your support for Brown v. Board of Education, you don’t belong on the federal bench, period. It’s unacceptable, and we all need to speak out.

Please add your name to help me send a strong message to the Senate. Don’t confirm Wendy Vitter!

Click here to sign the petition and stop President Trump’s latest extreme judicial nominee.

These are the kinds of extreme individuals that the Trump administration wants to steer our country for decades to come. I’m doing everything I can to fight back, and I’m grateful to have you with me.

Thank you,


New York Times

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From: “JUST IN (via DSCC)”
Date: Apr 26, 2018 4:38 AM
Subject: New York Times: If Democrats keep up the enthusiasm, Republicans could lose the Senate
To: “Yogesh Sharma”

After last night’s special election, The New York Times said Republicans lost support in every race since Trump took office and that this has big implications for the Senate. Help us keep up the momentum! >>
New York Times: “Republicans Lost Support in Every Special Election Since Trump Became President”
Pitch in now to capture this momentum and turn it into victory >>


After last night’s special election in Arizona, The New York Times reported that in each special election since Trump took office, Republicans have lost support.

The New York Times also wrote that if we keep fighting this hard through November, it could be devastating for the GOP, saying:
> “If Democrats enjoy the same enthusiasm gap in those races,
> Republicans’ control of the House and Senate could be in jeopardy.”

We have to keep up the momentum right now to help our Democratic Senate candidates flip red states blue. Pitch in now to fight for the Senate >>

From rallies and protests to record-breaking donations and volunteering, grassroots Democrats are showing up for our candidates in a big way.

But the GOP is watching — and right-wing super PACs are prepared to dump millions of dollars into battleground states to close the gap. We can’t let that happen, Yogesh.



Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
120 Maryland Ave. NE
Washington, DC 20002

Dynamite and Prayers

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Dynamite and Prayers is the title of photographer Max Becherer’s stunning new book.

Dynamite and Prayers cover BLOG

Although the subject is the emerald miners of Afghanistan, Max’s storytelling transports us to a sweeping landscape few of us can even imagine — and unveils the true cost of war.

Max Becherer rainbow spread

I’ve had the privilege of working with many world-class photographers, but Max is one of only two I know personally who have chosen to focus on war. He’s captured some of the most famous images of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan — his C.V. is full of names like Baghdad and Fallujah — and in the process he’s repeatedly risked his life.

A war photographer’s work is obviously taxing: While everyone around you is trying to either kill or survive, your job is to watch and record. Over time, it can take a toll on your humanity.

But in Max’s case, exposure to war…

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Bringing out the dead in Kansas City

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Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 1.38.10 PM

Yesterday the NY Times ran an article that reminded me of why the paper is so indispensable even if it is easy (and true) to dismiss it as the voice of the liberal wing of the ruling class. It was a long and thoroughly researched piece on how city employees clean up after the corpses of isolated individuals whose deaths remain unannounced except for the stench of their decomposing bodies:

They found him in the living room, crumpled up on the mottled carpet. The police did. Sniffing a fetid odor, a neighbor had called 911. The apartment was in north-central Queens, in an unassertive building on 79th Street in Jackson Heights.

The apartment belonged to a George Bell. He lived alone. Thus the presumption was that the corpse also belonged to George Bell. It was a plausible supposition, but it remained just that, for the puffy body on the floor…

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