Mail from Trump

From: “Donald J. Trump”
Date: Oct 31, 2017 1:13 AM
Subject: The Fake News Media is misleading the American people

I need you on my team now more than ever. |


No matter what the Fake News Media reports, we’re working to advance our agenda every day.

In the first 10 months alone, we’ve delivered on our promises and have proven we’re ready to fight for what we believe is right for the future of this great country.

We did it together in 2016, and there’s no doubt in my mind we have the momentum to keep it going. But I need to know you’re committed to our movement, Yogesh.

This is your last chance to update your record before our end-of-month deadline, and I’m hoping you’ll do so by renewing your Sustaining Membership:

2017 Sustaining Membership

Account Number: 364418-2017

2017 Sustaining Membership: PENDING

We cannot allow the Fake News Media and obstructionist Democrats to flood the airwaves and mislead the American people, Yogesh, and they are our strongest opponent yet.

So please, be sure to renew your 2017 Sustaining Membership before the October 31 deadline.

Thank you,

Donald J. Trump
President of The United States

P.S. – I’ve requested a list of every person who steps up and renews their 2017 Sustaining Membership before the October 31 deadline. I hope to see your name on the list.