HRSS Punjab team कोरोना वायरस के चलते हुए ब्लड बैंक में खून की कमी थी इसलिए हमारी टीम की ओर से एक ब्लड कैंप लगाया गयाकोरोना वायरस के चलते हुए ब्लड बैंक में खून की कमी थी इसलिए हमारी टीम की ओर से एक ब्लड कैंप लगाया गया


. ………….National Emergency…………….

HRSS National President Calls to Action for human rights approach in fighting COVID-19

As the fatality and infectiousness of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) started in Wuhan, China has been critical recently, our organization urges practical support and emergency response in order to prevent the worldwide spread of Novel Coronavirus.

Since prevention of this fatal virus obviously reflects the content of ‘Right to Emergency Medical Service’, the 3rd right among the 7 elements of Survival Human Rights,

Please proceed the followings in order to ensure the 3rd right of Survival Human Rights.

1,Dear all HRSS members ( National and international) you are all requested to follow the instructions about lockdown, social distancing strictly and properly.

2..Please provide support and help to anyone who needs it as much as is possible.

  1. Please remain in touch with the local administration like DM or SSP ,ADM ,SDM,SHO, etc and offer your help.

4.If you find someone in distress especially the people in need of essential medical items and food items, you should bring this to the notice of authorities so that help can be provided to them.

5.- Monitoring actions on Emergency Medical Service System.

  • Supporting actions on providing medical services.
  • Others.

Important message

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